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In experiencing beauty, we open our perspective to something that has been given motion in the world. True Beauty opens something up in us where we soar and receive great and tremendous inspiration.

Beauty never makes us feel inadequate, inferior, or insecure. When those feelings arise, we are mixing what we are experiencing in our heart with other spheres that might include competition and judgement. When this happens, our hearts may experience pangs of jealousy, ridicule, or even hatred towards another, this of course is not really beauty at all.

The first place we must experience phenomenal beauty is within the body and kingdom of ourselves. We are each unique and truly beautiful, a one-of-event in the spectrum of life. To learn to leave judgment behind and to forgive our own shortcomings is an alien concept for many of us. But this is what ‘true Beauty’ does.  True Beauty is pure light and it makes space for all parts of you.

As Children we see Beauty everywhere, we might not recall this in an intellectual way for it will have been moments of deep awe and contemplation at seeing and experiencing something new, a bug, a flower, the taste of ice-cream. The whole universe was our oyster and nature and interaction with other fellow human beings will have been a most heart-warming experience – True Beauty really.

Somewhere down the line though most of us stop contemplating this never-ending beauty and newness that is in people and nature and instead we become enarmed with material products and trying to impress others with appearances as such.

Many years ago, when I was about 18 and breaking up from my first steady boyfriend, we headed for a drive around the south part of the island in the Isle of Man. As we came down the road, I became awestruck at the beauty of the sunset going down in the distance between the rocky coastal line. It was like seeing a Sunset for the very first time in my life, and though there was sadness in the circumstances of a breakup, it’s beauty was really encapsulating me, I had never saw anything like it. I commented on it and we gazed at it for a minute are so. My young boyfriend at the time decided that he would drive right into the area where the Sunset itself was being viewed, as he tried to capture the moments of that dusking Sun like it was a physical trophy. The full effect and moments were lost and no more. I wondered at the time why he did not seem to know that you can’t catch Sunsets?

So, my point is – YOU are already True Beauty – in all that you think, say, be and do. You are already the rising, shining, and setting Sun, just like all of life that is changing and vibrant. When you realise and embody this truth, your life becomes deeply beautiful on a totally different level. Shine on. Kerry x

Beauty – in the I of the Heart

  • Patriciamolloy
    Posted at 16:10h, 30 August Reply

    That is lovelykerry xxx

    • Kerry McCrory
      Posted at 21:21h, 02 October Reply

      Thank you Trish. A few years ago after a facial treatment with a lady i reminded her that her inner self was what made her truly shine and i witness a transformation in front of my eyes as her whole aura beamed out light! People have forgot their own true beauty. Keep shining. x

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