Soulance NI | Infant Massage Northern Ireland
Soulance NI offers both private and group sessions for those wanting to explore the benefits of Infant Massage in Northern Ireland.
Infant Massage Northern Ireland
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Infant Massage

Our Precious Little One’s

Soulance NI’s Infant Massage classes offers the perfect opportunity to nurture, grow, bond and connect with the most precious people on the planet Our Children.


I was asked by my local Community Playgroup to provide ‘Baby Massage’ classes. As an experienced and established massage and holistic therapist (and someone who doesn’t like to do things in halves), I wondered where I might go to learn about the special requirements of these little people and their carers.


This lead me to train as an Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) – the longest standing and most established internationally recognised programme for Baby Massage world-wide. This is a programme that’s values are based in the principals of Nurturing Loving touch’.  The benefits that this brings in many levels is immeasurable and much learning takes place over the full programme.


Soulance NI Infant Massage classes can be facilitated in a group setting or privately – either at our location or at your home – whichever you prefer.

Infant Massage Testimonials
What did you enjoy most about the class?

Strengthening Bond between Dan and myself.  – Deborah Keys

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Kerry very good at putting Mum’s and Babies at ease. Also enjoyed learning the massage techniques. – L Corrigan

Learning massage. Speaking to other Mums. – Shauna Hollywood

Massage techniques, meeting other parents, having an opportunity to talk and I liked the Ice breakers each week. – D Alley

Have you noticed any changes in you or your baby since learning massage?

I feel more confident in massaging my baby now. Mia more used to being massaged. – L Corrigan

Yes, more settled and sleeps better following massage. – Shauna Hollywood

More relaxed – both of us! – Jill McCanny

Helps him to relax, also eases constipation. – D Alley

How did your instructor help you to feel comfortable in the class?

Yes, very much so.  – Deborah Keys

Very natural and excellent at her job. – L Corrigan

Great Class, great instructor. Achieved learning that will benefit my baby for many years. – Shauna Hollywood

Very comfortable, allowed everyone an opportunity to talk. – D Alley

Other reflections you would like to share?

Class was thoroughly enjoyable. Attention to detail outstanding. – Deborah Keys

Overall very relaxed atmosphere, enjoyed it each week. – D Alley

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