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DIscover more about my full range of upcoming holistic workshops & events throughout Omagh & Northern Ireland.
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Events & Workshops


Recent & Upcoming Events

Baby Massage Programme

5 Week Programme – next classes commence in 2022 

Live Life & Love – An opportunity to Connect more deeply with our Babies and other Parents.  

Discover the many life time benefits of this heart warming modality in everyday life.

Massaging your baby provides a wonderful opportunity for expressing your love, whilst meeting the high need for touch and affection that is so essential for the healthy development of all babies.

Classes include the set up of a safe and comfortable environment. You will be provided with a bottle of Cold Pressed Massage Oil and supporting notes on what we have covered each and every week, with time for a cuppa included. These are relaxed and supportive classes for Mum’s or Dads and it is so lovely to meet up with others that are sharing and on the powerful journey of Parenthood with us.

Please contact me on 07585514417 to go through the registering process if you would like join this class.


Baby Massage Classes 

5 Week Programme – next classes commences in 2022 – Limited Places Available

Classes are suitable from birth to crawling. Classes can facilitate 7 to 8 parents with their babies.  You will be sent the appropriate guidance and notes to help you prepare a comfortable environment for you and your baby.  Each week is a journey in enhancing Loving nurturing touch.  

Baby Massage has many benefits for both child and parent, it promotes and enhances relaxation, and develops nurturing communication. 

Baby Massage can help to: -Reduce crying and emotional distress, – Can relieve wind, colic and constipation, helps baby to develop awareness of the body.

5 Week  – Programme £50 [includes on-going support]

Please contact Kerry [Certified IAIM Instructor] on 07585514417 to secure a place

Get In Touch To Book Or Find Out More.

I Am Also Available For Talks & Introductory Workshops In Community Settings

What To Expect:

  • Pure Essential Oils & Their History
  • How essential oils can improve your health & well being
  • How to use essential oils safely and therapeutically for your personal and family needs
  • Personalised home care prescription and advice for your personal concerns and family members you may wish  to help
  • Experience making your own therapeutic Essential Oil blend for either personal or family use

Next Event:

Contact Kerry for more info on this 2 – 3 Hour Workshop


An Aromatherapy workshop to help the Parents of Young Children to understand the basic principals of using Pure Essential Oils in a safe and effective manner to help with everyday ailments.

The Workshop Includes:

  • Discovering Why and How Aromatherapy Works
  • How to know a true Pure Essential Oil from a ‘Commercial’ one and why this is crucial if you wish to experience the ‘true benefits’ of Aromatherapy
  • Safety & Precautions that MUST be observed when working with ‘Our Little Ones’ and ‘Ourselves’! These are very active substances.
  • Age Groups – The best oils for Safe Practice & their application
  • 3 Key Essential Oils – Excellent for building your Aromatherapy Tool Kit for all the family
  • Demonstration, Advice & Home Plans on how to use Pure Essential Oils

Next Event:

Contact Kerry on 07585514417 or email to arrange in your Community

Connect to your Inner Wisdom through Self-Acceptance, Understanding, Knowing and Being. You are the ‘Key’ to your own happiness. Many issues in our life’s can be overcome when we empower and give ourselves time and space to work through them.

Community Group Work and One to One available

Contact Kerry on 07585514417 or email to arrange your workshop

What To Expect

  • A Slowing down as we enter the ‘Heart Space’ through Breath & Meditation
  • An acknowledging of the physical senses and principals for living a healthy, vibrant existence
  • Keys to Self-Love and Self-Acceptance 
  • Oneness – Acknowledging you are all parts of yourself – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual

This Workshop gives Participants tools to improve their life by bringing awareness to the way we hold energy and emotion within our bodies energetic fields and how it can affect our energy levels and core stability. 

Next Event

Contact Kerry on 07585514417 to arrange this 2 hour workshop

Your gifts, challenges and transformative process is revealed through your Colour Choice

Colour helps you to understand your own uniqueness and how you fit into the world around you.  An experience with the Rainbow Coloured Bottles can bring a context of clarity, freshness and renewal into your life choices and awareness.  

The work with them can be done individually and is very beneficial if you find yourself at a Crossroads in life, wondering what steps to take next. The bottles are also excellent to work with in groups as a Soul Collective bringing encouragement, support and invaluable Community experiences.  

For a Professional Colour-Care Support Sessions personally or in groups:

Please contact Kerry on 07585514417 to arrange

Kerry Is A Fully Certified Baby Massage Instructor & Level 4 Aura-Soma® Colour Consultant