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Discover more about my full range of professional beauty treatments available in Omagh & throghout Northern Ireland.
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Beauty Treatments

Be-ing You At Your Best

Remember we are all beautiful and perfect.


My approach to offering the treatments below is about enhancing what we have already been blessed with!! You deserve to feel happy and confident in yourself as you go about your daily business. From time to time this may mean a little body maintenance procedure.


So, why not give a well-deserved boost to your ‘Overall Presence?’

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Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal)

Professional and affordable long term hair removal.  A very fine needle is inserted into the individual hair follicle and a heat/current passes down to the bulb of the hair [where the hair receives nutrients to grow], this is effectively destroyed and means the hair ceases to grow.  If you notice a few unwanted hairs this is a very effective treatment to avail of as it does not encourage the growth of superfluous hairs that might occur by just waxing an area and not targeting the offending culprit on its own!!  It is also an excellent way to take away the appearance of a heaviness of growth on an area.  Hair growth is affected by many hormonal influences Ladies go through with puberty, pregnancy and menopause and also the production of androgens if a person is going through a stressful period in their lives.  Be assured you are in the hands of a highly skilled and experienced Electrologist, whatever your concerns.


Please allow an additional 15/20 minutes for your consultation with a first treatment.


Advanced Electrolysis (Red Vein, Skin Tag and Millia Removal)

Advanced Electrolysis procedures involve using a current through a very fine needle to cauterise away any broken capillaries [Red Veins].  The most commonly treated area is the face and neck.  Afterwards the area has to be kept dry for a number of days to aid the healing process.


Skin Tag Removal is done through cauterisation also.  Quite often the little tag breaks away whilst being treated.  For larger skin tags they can sometimes turn a little bit hard and discoloured as the blood supply has been cut off, this usually disappears in a day or so.


Millia is hard sebum production under the skin.  The easiest way to know you have a Millia is that it will be of a hard consistency unlike a spot which would be fluid if the skin surface was to be broken.  A sterile Microlance is used to gently pierce the skin and remove any Millia.  If you have a special occasion coming up please allow yourself a week or more in advance of your event to be treated.



During a facial treatment you will initially be encouraged to relax and breathe into the body.  The skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and benefit from an appropriate mask to suit your skins needs.  Your skin will feel a million dollars whatever your choice of facial.


You can avail from Mini Facials to Deep Cleansing to more advanced Hydrating Hot Stone Facials.

Waxing & Tinting

Waxing is suitable for men and women. A warm wax is applied to the area of concern and a waxing strip pulls away any unwanted hair.  You can expect the results to last 4/6 weeks.


Tinting darkens the eyelashes or brows giving more emphases to your features and helping a person appear refreshed without having to resort to make-up.

Nails (File/Paint/French Polish)

Nails can be filed and painted and cuticles pushed back or removed if necessary.  A French File and Polish is an all time favourite, looking elegant and clean.


I encourage you to work with the natural nail plate and for this reason I don’t offer artificial alternatives.

Detoxifying Seaweed Wraps

This relaxing Spa treatment is perfect for relieving sore tired muscles, detoxification & cellulite.


The treatment commences with a Hot Lime foot compress, body brushing & body massage to the areas of concern. During your first Seaweed wrap you receive a Facial Massage followed by a Detox Wrap and Scalp Massage (with shower in between). To conclude the body is drizzled with a hot oil concentrate to re-energise and hydrate.


Please allow 1 1/2 hours.


Feet are soaked and soothed, the skin is then gently exfoliated away from the surface of the foot area. Cuticles are pushed back if required and the nails are filed and tidied.


A relaxing Massage is applied to the lower leg and foot and a polish of your choice is applied.

I Am Available For Talks & Introductory Workshops In Community Settings