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I am a leading Aura-Soma practitioner in Northern Ireland. Aura-Soma means ‘Light-Body’ & is a colour coded system that gifts people with an understanding of who, why and what we are part of and to become.
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Colour Calls

Discover your True Colours

Colour like breathe may be something that we take for granted and overlook. It is everywhere, in the Cosmos, around the Earth, infused in the atmosphere, in the plants, the rocks and crystals, the sand, each blade of grass and in the prism of Water with its healing properties, where we see it visibly and physically as the Rainbow from time to time. This Rainbow of colour is also wrapped around your entire auric field and commonly known as the Chakras.


The Chakra’s are aligned to the physical body through the Endocrine system and they are also connected to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. This energy field is not immediately visible to the naked eye, but it is the vital energy that runs through our entire life force giving us the vitality to process our life experiences. 

I work with three different healing modalities that bring balance to the bodies Chakras. 


Equilibrium Rainbow Coloured Bottles 


I am a Level 4 qualified Equilibrium Rainbow Coloured Bottle Consultant. In 2006 after going through the intense trauma of losing my third child to stillbirth the Rainbow bought me back to a space of peace, love and acceptance through its many mystical and synchronistic appearances in my life. A few years later I found myself standing in front of these beautiful vibrantly coloured bottles, my whole being felt like it was being filled up, as if new breath was entering my cells and DNA. I was happy to just stand in front of them intellectually knowing nothing about them and absorbing their beautiful vibration. My calling to train and work with the Rainbow Coloured bottles comes from a soul level, and from this space I extend myself in warmth, trust and fortitude to guide you on your own unique path.


Arch is an ancient Hawaiian modality similar to Reiki. It can be used as a hands on or in a distant healing capacity to assist you in balancing your energy field. It incorporates the Four Elements as part of its process to bring about transformation and consciously works with every colour spectrum of the Rainbow. The ARCH philosophy is: Everything has Divine Source Energy in it. Everything has universal divine spiritual power [mana].


Living the Rainbow Path:

  1. Acknowledge your oneness with the Divine Source.
  2. Look for and love the Divine Source in everyone and everything.
  3. Treat everyone and everything [especially yourself] with Divine Love.
  4. Live a life of love, bliss and joy. 

Arch stands for Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing. It is a practice that was Sacred to the Kahuna [Master Priest/Priestess] of Ancient times. What is the word Huna and what is Kahuna? Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘That which is hidden, or not obvious,’ meaning that it is not purposely hid away, but only that it is usually hard to see! 


Reiki – Universal Life Force is also an Energy balancing practice that helps to align our mental and emotional bodies to the physical body allowing us to experience more harmony, happiness and contentment in our everyday life. You can receive Reiki relaxing on a Couch or Chair as your Chakra’s are worked on individually or you can receive it as a Distant Healing modality.  Aligning our Energy field is vitally important to our overall well-being and general health. An example would be that if our Throat [Blue] Chakra is out of balance we may experience it physically as a sore throat, thyroid condition, coughing or other symptom, this is possibly related to the fact that we have problems expressing our-self or speaking our truth [which is aligned to the Heart [Green] Chakra underneath it. Our bodies are very intelligent, they are also our best friend, nudging us to listen to them and the messages that they are trying to convey to us.

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