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I am a leading Aura-Soma practitioner in Northern Ireland. Aura-Soma means ‘Light-Body’ & is a colour coded system that gifts people with an understanding of who, why and what we are part of and to become.
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You Are A Rainbow of Possibility

The ‘Rainbow Coloured Bottles’ are a colour coded system that gifts people with an understanding of who, why and what we are part of and to become. Colour like breathe is with us continually, it seeks only to serve us. Colour like breathe may also be something that we take for granted and overlook.


When we look closer at colour and what it reveals to us, we reach new depths of understanding and acceptance. This system is invaluable to those whom are ready to walk their own path. It is a non invasive, non intrusive system that allows the Participant to work at the level they are ready to integrate.


Where Did the Rainbow Coloured Bottles Come From?


A lady called Vicky Wall, a Chiropodist and Pharmacist who in her later years of  life (aged 66) went clinically blind was the ‘Chosen and Guided Soul’ that bought back the long forgotten wisdom and gifts contained within the Ancient Colour Code .  It was at this stage of her life during Meditation Practice, that she did daily for decades, that she received guidance to begin creating this very special gift from her deepest intuition.  She had gathered various plants and herbs in nature for many years not knowing, yet trusting her inner desire to do so. 


It is my privilege to work with all the people who will benefit from the re-introduced Colour Code and I will be forever and eternally grateful for my own personal Rainbow leading me to it.


A Rainbow Bottle Consultation

You will be asked to choose four coloured bottles from a rainbow of over 100 equilibrium glass bottles containing Essential Oils, Crystals and Herb extracts. The contents of these bottles are like being handed a key to a deeper understanding of your patterns and uniqueness at the same time.


Each colour has a deep and personal meaning which will be explained to you during your session.  The Rainbow Coloured Bottle experience guides you to a new path of self discovery.  It has a special ability to engage you into a deeper level of awareness, thus enabling renewal, hope, courage and clarity where these may be missing in one’s life.


The Rainbow Coloured bottles along with other helping aromatic essences containing herbs and essential oils can be applied and used daily at home to assist you after your session has finished. 


They are protecting, cleansing and strengthening to the energy field. The Plant based energies invoke the most positive energies of the Colour Rays into our energetic Energy field to bring ‘Heartfelt’ expressions and experiences into our lives.


The Rainbow Coloured Bottles can give the participant a support system to work with whilst they are consciously working with their own inner growth. It is a non-invasive, personal experience for each individual that helps a person to connect more deeply to the deep Inner wisdom held within.

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