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I am a leading Aromatherapy practitioner in Northern Ireland. Aromatherapy uses the natural compounds of pure essential oils to provide physical, mental & emotional healing.
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Nature’s Pharmacy – Pure, Potent and Powerful

Aromatherapy is the use of ‘Pure Essential Oils’ which are made up of complex chemical compounds that are found in the structure of plant materials.


These substances activate certain responses in our body that can help to heal physical conditions and they also have profound effects upon our mood and emotions because of specific properties and how they relate to the different bodily systems.


There are many ways to use them in our lives to help with our overall wellbeing, the trick is to know how to use them safely with the great respect they deserve. They are an asset to any individual or family seeking empowerment to better health and well-being. They are a very important tool for modern living as we find ourselves entering an era where waiting lists and services are getting tighter.


An Experienced Aromatherapy Practitioner

I acquired a Diploma in Aromatherapy [IIHHT] in 1998 after 3 years of intense training in Belfast in 3 different Massage modalities and the intense study of over 40 Essential Oils and 60 case history documentations.


My real appreciation, skill and love of Aromatherapy grew from my first business venture from 1999 – 2012 when I would have performed thousands of Aromatherapy Massage treatments over the years.


I now offer workshops to bring these amazing substances into the lives and awareness of the everyday person.

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