Soulance NI | Flower Essences Northern Ireland
They are important tools and gifts from the nature realms that can assist us during this transition time when we are being encouraged to live our life's on Earth from a more harmonic and heart centered space.
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SoulSentAromatherapy & Flower Essences

SoulsentAromatherapy products are all created from Organic and Soil Certified ingredients. The ETSY shop products can also be accessed via my fb Soulanceni page. They have been created to aid physical, mental and emotional life situations. They are helpful for sleep, anxiety, energy levels, stress, stamina, women’s support and for helping to restore and build up the immune system. A specialised range called the Cosmos Mother range is for safe use during pregnancy and for baby massage for babies over 3 months. SoulSentAromatherapy is also active as an Instagram page. 

SoulSentAromatherapy | Etsy UK

I also work with and supply the Solar System and Dark Sky Flower Essences and the Tree Essences for Children.  The Flower Essences were created by Wyn Tyrie a native of Northern Ireland who resided and trained holistically in Australia for 27 years.

Flower Essences that are local to our landscapes are more conducive to helping us as they are steeped in our ancestral roots and the history of our lineages. They are a vibrational therapy that can be used safely in conjunction with other medicines or therapies as they work subtly on the energy bodies to remove any emotional blockages.

The Children’s Tree Essences

Prostar Essence – Conception to 1 year, welcoming the Soul/Child to the human family and to the world.

Super Nova – The Child from 1-3 years, drawing the gifts of nature into oneself and an inner exploration of self.

T-Tauri – The Child 3-6 years, to reach out and explore the world.

Neutron – The Child 6-7 years, opening up to receive one’s Life Body. Preparing to receive another level of consciousness.

The Tree Essences can be used with the Baby or Child of it’s specific age group or on ourselves when we are doing inner child work.

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